There Ought to Be a Law… Pt 3*

There ought to be a law…

Truth in advertising should apply to political campaigns, as well.  Well, why not?  Politicians WANT to lie is why not. What I’m talking about is when politicians lie about each other during a campaign.  If Politician A even insinuates that Politician B took bribes Politician B should be able to sue for defamation, or whatever the the appropriate legal area is.

This could also be used as a tool and/or weapon, but a more honest one.  Discovery could be a bitch.  Maybe Politician B chooses not to sue because it’s true.  Eh?  Sounds entertaining, if nothing else.  I cannot think of something more critically important than voters not being subjected to empty and malicious smear campaigns.

Food pictures should be the actual food being advertised.  It’s known advertisers use non-food substances to make their products look better and more appetizing.  Glue makes pizza look stretchy and cheesy.  Motor oil looks like syrup and doesn’t absorb into pancakes.  Motor oil also has been used for beer.  Lard is great for ice cream and mashed potatoes.  Sorry, but no, if you’re presenting a product you need to present the actual product.

“FREE”  You’ve seen and heard it before.  “But 2 get 1 free… just pay separate shipping and handling”“Sign up for our newsletter and we’ll send you a free tote bag(1)”.  “(1)” means pay shipping and whatever.  I’m not even going to provide a definition because any minimally bright person knows what it means in the non-legal non-courtroom real world.  Free should be free should be free.  Period.  All-inclusive, shipping, handling… what the fuck is “handling”, anyway… any kind of tax, whatever.  If you cannot provide it for no cost at all, you should not be allowed to legally make the claim that it is free.

*-Parts 1 and 2 were published under different titles a few years ago.  That, or I just want to confuse you and be random.