Mornings.  😐  Ugh.  Must we?
*sigh*  I guess so.  That doesn’t mean we should embrace them, and as such I have come to the conclusion that mornings are derived straight from the pit of hell. Evidence that even Perry Mason couldn’t beat…
  1. It’s morning and unnatural to wake up before the crack of 10am. (This one is blindingly obvious.)
  2. Radio station insist on putting the most dumb ass, lame, and inane people on the air.
  3. Fast food restaurants and convenience stores insist on putting eggs on and in everything. Hey!… some non-egg options for us non-egg people would be nice, too.
  4. Those annoying cheery morning people… mentally ill, all of you… will respond to tell me to make my own breakfast.
There’s more, but this is a start.