Pearls of Wisdom

Words to Live By

21 May 2019:  If you eat at home and you and your partner have different dinners it’s considered weird, but if you go to a restaurant and order the same thing that’s considered weird.

16 March 2019:  Social media isn’t corrupting society, it’s exposing society.

14 August 2018:  Sometimes there’s just too many annoying things to talk about.

8 June 2018:  If you have a Wikipedia page, you’re either supremely successful, or you’re a royal screw-up.

13 Feb 2018:  Target is for Walmart shoppers who are embarrassed to be known as Walmart shoppers.

15 Dec 2017:  Apparently, you can’t revive a stale doughnut in the microwave.

13 Dec 2017:   An SUV is nothing more than a glorified station wagon.

10 Dec 2017:  People go online to complain. People don’t go online to praise. As a general rule, of course.

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